My #WexMondays Entry

This week I entered one of my photographs from my recent trip to Norway into Wex Photographic's #WexMondays twitter competition, and after making the shortlist (thank you for choosing my image!), I was asked to write a little about my entry by the lovely Wex team, so here you go!

Bordalsgjelet Gorge, Voss, Norway

Bordalsgjelet Gorge, Voss, Norway

Last week my husband and I took a little weekend break to Bergen in the South of Norway for our wedding anniversary, and spent our time exploring the city, as well as taking a drive to see the beautiful Hardangerfjord and its' surrounding areas. I had such a wonderful time in Norway, and really enjoyed the moodiness and peacefulness I had captured in my images, so decided to submit one of my favourites, which was of the Bordalsgjelet Gorge. 

The gorge is only an hour and a half from Bergen and was the last stop on our day of ford exploring. The temperature was colder out there than in the city (about -5 degrees celsius), so large icicles had formed, and good covering of snow all around, but this was nothing to deter us. So that you can get closer to the waterfall, and watch it in action, a path has been built with railings for people to walk down, which was very much needed otherwise there have been no chance of capturing this shot. The decent was a slippery and cold one, but well worth it to listen and experience the waterfall churning and plummeting down into the gorge.

To get this particular shot, it did involve a little leaning over the railing as the bottom of the waterfall is below the outcrop of the rock that the path is on, but again, it was well worth it, and I would definitely advise visiting Bordalsgjelet Gorge if you're heading to Norway! I'd give it a score of 6/10 in terms of hardness to get the photo, as the climb down to the waterfall in the winter is a little slippery, but as long as you don't mind a little lean over the rails, you're all set to capture some great water action!


Canon 5D Mk III + EF 50mm F/1.8 STM Lens

I also have a GGS Glass Screen Protector and EasyCover Silicone case on my camera permanently for extra protection, and I wouldn't go without them!

In terms of editing for this photo, and the rest of the photos from my trip, I didn't do too much to them. I edit 95% in Adobe Lightroom, only using Photoshop when I am doing actual manipulations, or having to retouch skin imperfections. In Lightroom, I exposed the image correctly, as it was a little dark straight off the camera, and then added a slight fade like I do to most of my photos - it's the film photographer coming out in me, I know, I find a fade adds a little more nostalgia to my images, which I like a lot. Like I mentioned earlier, the atmosphere was moody, but beautiful, so I wanted the edit of the image to let the textures of the rocks and water do the talking.

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into how I achieved my #WexMondays entry, and the gear I used to achieve it. I will be posting the rest of my images from my trip to Bergen on my blog next week, and will explain more about where you went to and where she stayed! But, before I go, here are a few more images form Bordalsgjelet Gorge...