London Fashion Week came and went, and we loved it (as always), so when I was given the opportunity to shoot at London Fashion Weekend with Canon UK (thank you to Wex Photographic), I jumped for joy! Vodafone London Fashion Weekend takes place the week after London Fashion Week, and is a great opportunity for members of the public to attend catwalk shows and industry talks, as well as pamper themselves with some designer retail, beauty and food/drink therapy. Sounds like a winner, right?

I spent the morning with a group of others while we had a talk from members of staff from the Canon Professional Services (CPS) team, which was then followed by an inspiring and highly useful talk from fashion photographer Tristan Fewings, who shoots for Getty Images and a host of other clients at fashion shows in London.

After our morning of talks we headed over to Somerset House to prepare for the first of our two shows of the day. London Fashion Weekend hosts designer shows and a trend show put on by THE OUTNET, and we were given the opportunity to shoot both, which is a great way to try out different styles, positions in the photographers’ pit and build up our catwalk portfolios.


Our designer show was by the iconic American brand Halston Heritage who the first to produce luxury american fashion and coined the one-shoulder dress. For this show I took a standing position in the centre of the pit to get optimal front on shots of the models and take some more conventional press photographs.

Catwalk shows are quite fast, super exhilarating and full of movement, so you need to be able to concentrate and know how to work your camera. I have shot some shows at LFW before, but only from the audience, so I know what pace needs to be kept and what to look out for, but this time I really concentrated on getting the lighting settings right on my camera from the prime position – Tristan knew the exact settings needed for optimum shooting in the BFC showspace.  



For the past few years THE OUTNET have brought a trends show that showcases the biggest trend for the upcoming season, and this year’s S/S15 trends were; Hyper Florals, Shimmer & Shine, Make It Monochrome and That Seventies Show. A pure visual display of the best designer fashion, it was a great show to photograph. This time I stood on the left of the photographers’ pit to see what it would be like to play with more of an angle on the models, and get a little more playful with the editing.


Like I said earlier, catwalk shows are fast, full of movement and in most cases) have changing lighting to develop along with the narrative. The changing scene requires that you know your equipment inside and out and know how to use it quickly and in the dark. I am going to do a seperate post to talk about my equipment, so I can talk more indepthly about what I use it for and what it produces.

I hope this has given you an insight into London Fashion Weekend, what it’s like to shoot a catwalk and also a little look at my work. You can view more of my catwalk photography in the catwalk section of my portfolio.


This post is in collaboration with Canon UKLondon Fashion Weekend and Wex Photographic