Photographing on location, or in the studio usually means that stillness and ease of moving is key (unless participating in a ‘moving’ shoot), and this is where a tripod becomes your best friend. An even better friend is a super lightweight, super small, super expandable tripod, and the people at 7DAYSHOP have made just that! When they got incontact with me to ask me to review their super travel-pro tripod, I knew my prayers had been answered.

I planned a day of trekking through the english countryside, Outwood and Bletchingly to be more precise, and set off with all of my camera gear and tripod in tow. As you can imagine, when it comes to walking for 13 miles through muddy fields, wading across rivers and climbing up hills, you need photography equipment that is easy to carry, quick to unpack/downpack and easy to usee. 7DAYSHOP’s Travel-Pro tripod is made from lightweight aluminium, folds down to a ridiculously wonderfully small size, and comes with it’s own carry bag. Perfect, right?


As well as being extremely being easy to carry and manoeuvre with, the revolutionary leg-locking system allows the tripod to extend to 163cm from a mere 33cm when packed down. By turning the legs clockwise, you are able to extend the legs in five stages, to whichever height you desire, and lock them by simply turning the feet anticlockwise in two seconds! ARE YOU IMPRESSED NOW?

To make this tripod EVEN better – yes, I know, hold onto your seats – there are no bulky locks and no hard to fasten plates or screws, and the tripod collapses in on itself, to ensure it is at it’s smallest for your carrying ease. You can also hang your bag on the hook at the below of the camera column (can support upto 15kg), and the tripod head can be reversed to shoot upside down for those times when you are shooting low-level ground work and macro photography.


If you own two camera bodies, or even just two different cameras (I usually shoot with a DSLR and a 35mm camera in a day, you can buy a spare plate to attach to each cmaera and allow faster changing times. Other little things that make all the difference are spirit levels positioned on the head to ensure you don’t get any wonky shots, can be quickly transformed into a monopod, and has an easy screw on camera plate (we all know they can be a nightmare).

I couldn’t be happier with it. Period.

You can buy the tripod over at 7DAYSHOP.com HERE and while you’re at it, make sure you check out ALL of their other products. Yes, all of them, you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Below is a selection of photos I took using the triopd while out and about. Walking through the woods, fields and farms surrounding Outwood and it’s historic mill, this wonderful tripod really aided me in capturing the beautiful landscape and animals we came upon throughout the day. Enjoy!



This post is in collaboration with 7DAYSHOP