On day 6 of our trip, we had our hearts set on seeing glaciers and the iceberg lagoon at Jökulsárlón. The drive was set to be a treacherous one across the south coast of Iceland, so we set off early and decided to make any stops we wanted on the way back.

As i’ve already said, Iceland is a beautiful country, so it is VERY difficult to not stop every 5 minutes and take photos, so we gawked from the car and sang all the way. You can see a lot of beautiful views from the car, which is great, but the real showstoppers you have to go and find. Saying that, Jökulsárlón is on the main road and appears out of nowhere to hit you in the face with it’s beauty.

This glacial lake of mini icebergs is stitaued near a bridge, so as you can imagine, the approach is something truly spectacular. We parked the car on the side of the road and joined the other people had gathered in the early afternoon to admire the stunning view. Having never really seen ice in mass up close before, seeing a lake of glaciers with snowy mountains for a backdrop was an absolutely breathtaking experience. It was so quite that you could hear the ice crack and crumble, and no one dared to make a sound and disrupt the peace. One thing that really amazed me as a photographer, was the beautiful pure colours in the ice and the whiteness of the snow. Nature really is a an amazing thing, and Jökulsárlón couldn’t be more of a perfect example.


After a quick lunch break, we were back on the road to catch a look at Svartifoss ‘Black Waterfall’ before the sun went down. After a little trek up the mountain and 4 waterfalls later, we found Svartifoss and what a sight it was in the setting sun! Big black basalt columns surround the tall waterfall like something out of Lord of the Rings, fitting as it was created by lava flows from the volcanoes around it – these basalt columns were taken as inspiration for the architecture of the National Theatre and the Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik. The dark and cold descent was not too much of a worry as we were still in awe of everything we had seen that day and on the trip so far.

The final part of the Iceland series will feature a little bit on the capital Reykjavik and some of the the best places to shop and dine in the beautiful city, so stay tuned!